All racers must have a 2014 CMRC Membership.
If you haven’t purchased yours yet, please DO NOT wait until race day. You can purchase on line go to: under Corporate, go to Licence Holders, then select: Purchase Licence Online, log in, fill in, pay & print off – it’s that simple! It’s fast, it’s convenient and you can immediately print your own card and will then have access to your membership for reference or to reprint your card. Plus it allows more time to get your preferred race number assigned and find out if you will need to go with an alternate number for this season, should your numbers already be assigned to another CMRC racer. It is important that you get your race numbers assigned in advance!
By doing this in advance it tremendously speeds up Race Day sign-in, greatly reduces scoring and compiling errors and just allows for a much smoother and faster flowing day! Your co-operation in this helps shape the success of the event!

You must carry your 2014 CMRC licence receipt and/or Membership Card with you to ALL 2014 CMRC Races and present it at sign-in.

$10 per adult
$7 under 12
Free under 5

$15 per vehicle

Gates open Saturday from 4pm to 10pm. (Gates will be locked after 10pm on Saturday!)
Gates open Sunday at 7am.

$30 for one class
$30 for 2nd class
$15 for 3rd class

$25 for pee-wee class
$25 for 2nd pee-wee class

Saturday from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday from 6:30am to 8:30am

You will need your 2014 Licence Card. Complete the Entry Form in full with required signatures on the back.
Minors (under 18 years of age) must also complete the CMRC Parental Consent & Minor Waiver Release form, fill in both sides, with minor and parent signatures required. This form needs to be once per year, and CMRC will assign you a ‘minor completion card’ that you then carry with you to all future CMRC Races in 2014, to exempt you from having to complete the form again.

Make sure you have a parent with you, and complete this form in full prior to the Registration area.
ALL riders and Pit Crew ( 1 persone per rider) will be required to sign the master CMRC Waiver Release Form if you want to gain access to stagin area (again by parent or guardian, if under 18), have your entry fee cash on hand, hand in your completed Entry Form & present your 2014 CMRC licence (or receipt, if just purchased). All racers will be wrist-banded left wrist.

CMRC Licence’s will be sold on Sunday at $140, but it will be a time-consuming ordeal and bike numbers will not be assigned ( just a tentative number)! We suggest that you arrive promptly at 7:00am if you still need to purchase your 2014 licence.

You will be able to purchase a transponder for $150.00 at the track (Please call and order ahead!).
You can also pre-order through the CMRC office online form at least 1 week prior to the event. This is $130.00.

Riders Meeting at 8:20am **all racers must be present**
Practice begins at 8:30am
Racing from 9:30am to 5:30pm

All registered racers must have their assigned CMRC number on their jersey/chest protector as well as on the front and both sides of their bike and with proper colours.
Incorrect numbers ‘s or missing numbers may cause the rider to be scored improperly or disqualified completely!! For rules, please visit

The food & refreshment booth will be open on race day at the Lions Food Booth Bring out the family, your friends, your supporters as we invite all race enthusiasts to witness this hi-flyin’ action unfold right before your eyes!! Racing begins at 9:30am on Sunday!

Please bear with our new adventure of transponders your patience is appreciated.

Protests must be in writing and submitted then we will certainly look into the issue.

CMRC  Rep: Jim Scott
Head Referee: Tim Lee
Finish Line Referee: Gary W
Clerk of the Course: Crista Farrington
Medical: St. Johns Ambulance
Announcer: Dave Bell
Food provided by: Midhurst Lions Club

Motocross Classes at RJ MOTOSPORT:
This is not a race order.

  • 50cc (4-6) Mini track
  • 50cc GP (4-8)
  • 50cc (7-8) Main track cut version
  • 65 B Mini track
  • 65cc (7-9)
  • 65cc (10-11)
  • 85cc (7-11)
  • 85cc (12-16)
  • Super-mini
  • Schoolboy (12-16)
  • Under 30 ( combined class of Youth (17-24 and +25) Please make sure you differentiate between classes at sign in
  • Ladies
  • Vet Junior (30+)
  • Vet Master (30+)
  • 40+
  • MX2 Beginner
  • MX3 Beginner
  • MX1 Junior
  • MX2 Junior
  • MX3 Junior
  • MX1 Intermediate
  • MX2 Intermediate
  • MX3 Intermediate
  • GP Pro Am