OFF-Road Motorcycle Training

Riding Off-Road Motorcycles can be an enjoyable form of outdoor recreation when properly researched. With preparation, practice, supervision and utilization of a proper training facility, you or your youngster can safely develop and expand his or her riding skills. Remember off-road motorcycles are not toys.

Our courses cater to individuals, families and groups. We offer corporate functions as well.

Training in the safe operation of an off-road trail motorcycle. Riders understand the ergonomics, proper riding attire, techniques, and maneuvers under trained instructors while in a safe and contained environment. The program caters to first time riders, through novice, and experienced.

Deciding if your youngster is ready to ride an off-road motorcycle is an important decision. We strongly suggest you carefully determine your youngsters readiness to ride. We can provide a rider-assessment form that may help in the rider readiness decision. Please e-mail us, or call 705-722-3800. E-mail

Off-Road Curriculum:

Proper riding attire
Trail etiquette
Review of controls, starting the bike, starting to ride
Riding position and braking
Basic cornering
Putting it all together – riding into a corner – braking coming out
Riding uphill and downhill
Practice routines
Basic maintenance & pre-ride inspection
Surfaces – sand, mud, ruts, water, and hard pack
Whoops, jumping concepts, and wheeling obstacles
Two Hour Lesson: (Children Only) $99.00
Half Day Training: For Children & Adults $150.00-$175.00
Full Day Training: For Children & Adults $225.00-$299.00
Optional Damage Protection:
Please note optional damage protection is available. Without it the person paying for training is responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle or the riding gear.
Junior trail bike class $25.00
Adult trail bike class   $50.00