Moto-X Schools

Basic Training:
ergonomics & controls, starting to ride the bike
Riding positions & braking, cornering, riding uphill and downhill
Practice routines – basic maintenance

Advanced Training:
Berms, starts, lines, and passing, High speed, lines, and technical corners, whoops & jumping concepts, Maintenance, Physical and diet routines

Mandatory Equipment:
Bike (good running condition). Approved Helmet-Gloves-Goggles-Boots-Chest Protector-Kneepads-Pants & Jersey.

Students are responsible for sleeping bag, pillow, and all toiletries.

Cost of 5 day Course – Monday – Friday $500.00 Plus GST

The package includes meals, leisure activities, and accommodations provided on site.
Extra curricular activities taking place offsite are the responsibility of the applicant.
Activities may include swimming, bowling, or movie theatre.
All students must be picked up by 2:30 PM on the Friday of departure.
Cost of per day Courses.
$150.00 Plus GST per day – $157.50

The dates for our MX Schools is currently pending!